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This is the most common construction method used in North America. Stick framed construction utilizes structural wood members of a manageable size. Construction is done according to an engineered plan designed in accordance to the building codes associated with the specifics for the building. Stick Framed construction attains its overall strength after the assigned framing members (sticks) are completely assembled.

Most framing members are of spruce timber with the exception of steel where required.

Stick frame construction is popular for housing and small building construction projects of up to 100 foot spans. The stick framed walls can either stand directly on a concrete foundation wall or on top of a platform framed floor. Platformed framed floors consist of wide joists surfaced with OSB floor material. Platform framing is done according to the engineered plan and can be constructed from wood relatively easily and quickly. Platform framed floor sections are built separately, one on top of another, upon which the roof is added on the top of the top stick framed walls.

Stick framing will require certain construction requirements. Since framing members serve to hold the building up the insulation value is minimal at best so other materials are added in the construction to keep the out rain and the wind. This is achieved through the application of plywood or comparable sheet material such as OSB. Added protection is provided by covering the walls with a house wrap before the application of siding and or brick. It is very important to protect the interior wood from moisture to prevent any rot and or mold issues from developing.

Larger buildings such as barns & drive sheds can be done using stick framed walls placed on a continuous cement curb wall or using a post and beam system where the post is cemented in a post hole.
Recent improvements to stick framing utilize more advanced framing methods where 2x6's are specified by engineering. The idea is to use less lumber and allow for more insulation. Taking this concept even further, some homes have been designed with double 2x4 staggered walled system to attain optimal insulation “R” values. Even though this does increase costs as more wood, insulation and construction labor is required the energy savings will often pay off over the long term.

On occasion some builders have substituted light gauge steel framing in non-load bearing walls. The load bearing areas still require wood stick framing. Steel has the advantage of being recyclable &typically has a high recycled content. Because steel has thermal conductivity properties, the cold and hot temperature issues will need attention. This problem can be resolved through the use of an exterior layer of foam board insulation.


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National Building Group can provide you with a wide array of accessories for your next Stick Frame building project. We have listed them in groups on separate pages below for your ease of review with your associates. Clicking on the selected tab will pull up the information concerning that particular item.
  • Trusses
  • Man Doors
  • Overhead Doors
  • Windows
  • Colour Chart
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steel building mandoor  

Our man door system is a pre-assembled system comprising of door and frame. No additional cutting or welding is required because it is a factory assembled system. This includes the actual sub-frame system on it, as well as all hardware. Install time is minimized to a usual time of 30 minutes.

Man Doors/Fire Rated
Our fire regulated man door series has the same features as our regular door with the added benefit of being fire rated.

Man Doors Options
The choices available to our door are extensive. This involves hardware, glass, door colors, skin types... You get the idea!

Door thickness is 1 3/4".
Door Steel is 16 Gauge.
Door Insulation is Polyurethane Foam Filled R 14.97.
Frame is 5 3/4" wide and made from 16 Gauge Steel.
Hinged with 3 - 4 1/2" full mortise non-removable pin hinges.
Threshold is made from 5 3/4" saddle type aluminum.
Weather Strip is a full kerf and has a 3 fingered bottom sweep.
Installation Fasteners and Jamb Clips are included.

When placing an order consult with your salesperson to ensure that the door for your application is right for you. Door ordering is based on size, color, door swing, skin type, hardware, closer type and window.

steel building overhead doors  

Even though most customers prefer to supply and install their own overhead door systems we believe we feature a great overhead door for a great price. Tried and true for a number of years now by our customers and our own installation crews "It installs and operates like a dream".

Over head doors of any size come in a wide variety of styles, colors and available options so whether you need 1 door or a row of 40 we can look after you!

Your salesperson at National Building Group will help you along the way with your selection.

When placing an order consult with your salesperson to ensure that the door for your application is right for you. Door ordering is based on type, size, color, door swing, skin type, hardware, closer type and window.


steel building overhead doors
steel building overhead doors
steel building sliding window  

When we talk about windows we to think of efficiency all the way around. A properly designed window specifically designed for a steel building only makes sense.

Our installers and erectors love our windows. They install easily, seal properly, and are made available in the type, size, and color choices best suited for our customers. The best part is that they are very competitively priced.

• 5/8" Insulated Glass
• Rigid Aluminum Frame
• Polyurethane Thermal Barrier
• Baked On Enamel Finish
• Four Trim Fin Types to Match Wall Panels
• Ability to Mull Windows Together
• Self Flashing/ Self Framing Window Frame
• Polypropylene Pile weather seal with Mylar Fin
• Brass roller on stainless steel axle.
• Rollers on Slider type windows
• Spring loaded screens on Slider type windows
• Optional Sub-Frame System
  (allows for placement anywhere on wall panel)

When ordering quality windows, our Project Representatives at National Building Group will help you every step of the way.



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Want Better Curb Appeal and Longer Life Buildings...

All National Building Groups panels are produced in Premium Kynar® long-life fluoropolymer finishes, and carry our 30-year colour warranty.

We also produce our own matching gutter and down spout systems.

At National Building Group, it's the details that make the difference, with quality finished products creating greater owner appeal.

Standard Stock Colours
  CHAR. GRAY              
Premium Stock Colours
  BURGUNDY   HEMLOCK GR.          
Metallic Stock Colours
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